How It Works

How does this program work?

Opportunity is knocking on your door. Will you answer?

Let's face it. Doctors and hospitals are the ones taking the lion's share of healthcare dollars. If you're part of a clinic or hospital staff, working endless hours with thankless results and a meager income, we have a simple solution to help you supplement your income.

Interested? Keep reading.

Almost every day office managers, administrators, nurses, and medical staff have opportunities to generate extra income but don't realize it. momsMD is here to help you turn missed opportunities into revenue. We can help you identify these opportunities and benefit from them. Every organization has ongoing needs. By living with a ‘heads up - eyes up’ view, you can help you identify specific needs in a practice, which will give you the potential to turn a need into an opportunity for revenue. We help you and you help others. Everybody wins.

What does it require of me?

In short: Focus your attention, seek out opportunities, communicate, and connect.

All that is required of you is that you learn to look for opportunities that will help us connect a clinic or practice with a solution. You will be an integral component by helping us locate the needs as they arise. We will help connect their need with a solution tailored to their need. We’ll take it from there and keep you in the loop.

How do I make money?

You make money by connecting the needs of medical clinics, surgery centers, or hospitals to our solutions. Simply put, when a lead becomes a client for our products and services, you get paid. You help solve problems that turn into revenue for you.

For example: Jones Clinic needs help with a website. You recognize this and submit the lead to us. We then work with them to provide the solution they need. They buy a website package and you receive a referral fee commission of $500.00.*

*An average dollar amount. Actual commission will be based on the size of the proposal.